Roberto Menotti of Aspen Institute Italia Discusses "The End of Europe" at JCU


Roberto Menotti of Aspen Institute Italia Discusses “The End of Europe” at JCU

On Monday October 17, 2011, Dr. Roberto Menotti of Aspen Institute Italia gave a public lecture on the economic and political crisis affecting the European Union today. Menotti is Senior Research Fellow, International Programs, at Aspen Institute Italia and Editorial Coordinator for Aspenia and Aspenia online. He recently published Mondo Caos (Laterza, 2010).

The event was chaired by JCU International Affairs professor, Michele Testoni. Many points were raised to describe the current situation in Europe, in particular the impact of a changing global system and the peculiar essence of the European integration process. According to Dr. Menotti, these two circumstances can be considered the major explanations for the two related phenomena that characterize the entire transatlantic community: economic overstretch and the emergence of populist feelings, epitomized by the outbreak of mass protest movements.

Approximately 50 people, students as well as faculty memberes, attended the event and contributed to the extensive and lively debate that followed.

endofeurope debate

From left, Dr. Roberto Menotti and Prof. Michele Testoni