JCU Closed on Thursday, November 22: Happy Thanksgiving from the JCU Community!


Happy Thanksgiving from the JCU Community!Happy Thanksgiving from JCU in Rome!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States of America, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and is traditionally celebrated with a festive turkey dinner shared with family and friends.

The origin of Thanksgiving has its roots in the ancient Native American tradition of giving thanks for the harvest with ceremonies and dances. The first Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims is generally acknowledged to have taken place in 1621 in Plymouth colony, in present-day Massachusetts, but it was actually Native Americans who introduced the colonists to the idea of a harvest celebration. After the Pilgrims suffered a cruel winter the year they landed, the Wampanoag Indians taught the colonists how to cultivate the land, and the following autumn Native Americans and colonists shared a harvest feast.

In 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.

The annual JCU Thanksgiving celebration will take place on the evening of November 21st, with the JCU community enjoying a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner while being entertained by our outstanding Drama Group in a performance of “The Wiz.”

During our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, Universities Fighting World Hunger Club (UFWH) will be collecting donations and raising awareness about countries experiencing famine. Students Taking Action Now Darfur (STAND) will also be collecting canned food throughout the week of Thanksgiving to send to the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center in Rome. There are designated collection boxes around the Tiber and Guarini Campuses.

The JCU community wishes you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

John Cabot University will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22nd.