Ipazia Club Celebrates First Year of Activity with the Art Contest: WoMen - A Portrayal Today


launching this Art Contest, the Club members have invited fellow students to express their views on gender roles, relationships, identities and their intersections today. The aim is to open a discussion in order to understand how embedded stereotypes are in our culture, mentality, and everyday life, as well as how students can avoid perpetuating them further.

Ipazia, the women’s club at JCU, is celebrating its first year of activity with an ART CONTEST open to all JCU students.

Vote for the winner of the JCU Community Prize!


Students were encouraged to submit any form of art and in fact, the exhibition will include poems, photographs, a painting, and two short films.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Monday, November 18th in the Tiber Cafe and will be on display until Wednesday, November 20th, when the winners will be announced. An external committee of experts will be judging the works of art.

The JCU community (students, faculty, and staff) will also have the opportunity to vote online and a special prize will be awarded based on the results.

The winner of the Jury’s Award will be announced on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:30 in the Tiber Cafe, followed by the JCU Community Prize at 8:30 pm. A light dinner will also be served.