JCU's Academic Community Wraps Up a Successful Semester


Here is a list of the salient academic events held at John Cabot University during the Fall 2013 semester:

JCU Creative Writing Institute Welcomes Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jhumpa Lahiri

‎Friday, ‎December ‎13, ‎2013

Following the reading, and before a book-signing opportunity, Ms Lahiri responded to questions from the audience. She shared her approach to writing and life as a writer as well as her attitude toward language, learning new languages and writing in a second or third language.

International Conference at JCU Explores Nietzsche and Kantian Politics

‎Thursday, ‎December ‎12, ‎2013

John Cabot University hosted a conference on Friedrich Nietzsche’s critical relation to Kantian political philosophy on December 6-7.

Public Lecture by Dr. Abdallah Kahil Explores Light, Water and Sound in Mamluk Architecture

‎Monday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2013

The lecture focused on some of the most famous mosques, madrasas and tombs in 14th century Cairo.

JCU’s Largo dei Fiorentini Art Studio Launches Exhibitions and Lectures

‎Monday, ‎November ‎11, ‎2013

For the first time, the JCU art studios at Largo dei Fiorentini have been transformed into a gallery hosting artists from outside the institution.

Major Success for the First Edition of the Diplomacy Barcamp!

‎Monday, ‎November ‎04, ‎2013

On October 18th, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs hosted its annual edition of the Festival of Diplomacy in an original, dynamic Bar Camp format.

Professor Erik T. Walters Goes On-site with JCU’s Archaeological Field School

‎Tuesday, ‎October ‎29, ‎2013

I didn’t have to reapply the 50+ sun-block in the afternoon. By that point my limbs were covered in clay. The clay did not block cascades of sweat from stinging my eyes. It did make sifting more strenuous. [read more]

Cosmopolitanism and Conflict Conference Tackles Human Rights, Equality and Global Community Issues

‎Monday, ‎October ‎21, ‎2013

John Cabot University hosted an international conference on ‘Cosmopolitanism and Conflict’ on October 11-13. The three-day event focused on developing contemporary ‘cosmopolitan’ ideals of human rights, equality and global community in the light of the contemporary conflict-ridden realities of global politics.

JCU Department of Communications Presents: Director Robert Schober on Creativity, Commerce, and Technological Change

‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎09, ‎2013

On September 30, John Cabot University had a pleasure of welcoming music video director Robert Schober for a special public lecture.

How Do We Map Legal Cultures? JCU Seminar Explores the Geopolitics of Law

‎Thursday, ‎October ‎03, ‎2013

The Department of Political Science and International Affairs hosted the presentation of the book, “Geopolitics of Law: The Genesis, Government and Dissolution of Political Bodies” by Pier Giuseppe Monateri

Here is a list of off-campus academic contributions by JCU Faculty:

Professor Lila Yawn Invited to Speak in University of Manchester’s Art History and Visual Studies Department Seminar Series

‎Friday, ‎November ‎29, ‎2013

The title of Prof. Yawn’s talk was “The Bright Side of the Knife: Dismemberment in Medieval Europe and the Modern Imagination.”

JCU Political Science Professor Federigo Argentieri on Lecture Tour in Boston

‎Monday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2013

Professor Argentieri is slated to teach PL 215 Italian Politics and Society, PL 345 Latin American Politics and Society and PL 355 East European Politics and Societies in the Spring 2014 semester.

Professor Antonio Lopez Gives Keynote Speech at International Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence in Barcelona

‎Friday, ‎November ‎15, ‎2013

JCU Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Antonio Lopez gave the keynote speech at the Open University of Catalyuna in Barcelona at the second International Conference on Media Education and Digital Competence.

JCU Art History Professor Karen Georgi Publishes Important Book on Nineteenth Century American Art

‎Monday, ‎November ‎04, ‎2013

Karen L. Georgi, Adjunct Associate Professor of Art History at JCU, recently published the book Critical Shift Rereading Jarves, Cook, Stillman, and the Narratives of Nineteenth-Century American Art (Penn State University Press).

JCU Congratulates Professors J. Koehler and E.T. Walters on their Recent Publications in the American Journal of Ancient History

‎Friday, ‎October ‎18, ‎2013

This 600 page volume of the American Journal of Ancient History (AJAH) contains 20 peer-reviewed papers delivered at the conference “The Roman Empire during the Severan Dynasty.”

JCU Political Science Professor Lars Rensmann Presents Research at Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

‎Monday, ‎October ‎14, ‎2013

JCU Political Science and International Affairs Professor Lars Rensmann presented his research on radical parties at the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on October 1-2, 2013.

Professor Harris Gives Keynote Speech at Cornell Internet Culture Law and Policy Conference

‎Friday, ‎September ‎27, ‎2013

JCU Head Librarian Elisabetta Morani and Professor of Law and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Pamela Harris participated at The Cornell Internet Culture Law and Policy conference held on September 18-20, at Cornell University, in Ithaca New York.

Professor Alessandra Seggi Attends First International Visual Methods Seminar in Antwerp, Belgium

‎Friday, ‎September ‎20, ‎2013

John Cabot University Communications Professor Alessandra Seggi was selected to attend an intensive 10-day seminar on visual studies and methods (August 25 – Sept. 3, 2013). The seminar was hosted by the University of Antwerp, located in Antwerp, Belgium.

Professor Lars Rensmann Publishes Review in Perspectives on Politics

‎Thursday, ‎September ‎19, ‎2013

JCU Political Science Professor Lars Rensmann Publishes Review in Perspectives on Politics

JCU Professor Lila Yawn Speaks at the International Latin Paleography Congress in Switzerland

‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎10, ‎2013

On Friday, September 13, John Cabot University Professor Lila Yawn will speak at the international Latin paleography congress in St. Gall, Switzerland.

Professor Ada Bertini Publishes Article on Teaching of Italian Phonetics

‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎10, ‎2013

Professor Ada Bertini, who teaches Italian language at JCU, recently published an article in the prestigious journal Bollettino Itals on the teaching of phonetics.