JCU Hosts American International Consortium of Academic Libraries

Amical Workshop

Amical Workshop

On January 22 and 23, 2016 the Frohring Library hosted a workshop on “Evidence-based Planning & Decision-Making in Academic Libraries”. Library directors and other staff from the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL) member institutions participated.

The overarching theme of the workshop was “Managing Change” and the main topics were “Technology in Small College Libraries” (e.g., library systems and infrastructure as well as digital collections such as ejournals and ebooks) and “Library as Space” (policy, purpose, and design).

Amical Workshop

JCU librarian Elisabetta Morani (center) during the workshop

“The library must interpret the needs of its users,” said JCU’s head librarian Elisabetta Morani. “Because technology is becoming more and more used in classrooms,and libraries have to be ready to provide the materials,” she added.

The workshop was facilitated by Nancy Fried Foster, Librarian Anthropologist at Rochester University, and Roger C. Schonfeld, director of Ithaka S+R’s Libraries and Scholarly Communication Program. The event was organzed by JCU librarian Elisabetta Morani.