JCU Marketing Club and Capstone Seminar Class to Assist Local Groups with Strategic Planning


by Lydia Smith

Professional Women Association

PWA Newsletter Editor, Hanna Suni

On Tuesday, September 13, Hanna Suni and Olga Plyaskina from the Professional Women’s Association (PWA) presented two strategic opportunities to the seniors of the Strategic Marketing Management (MKT490) class and the John Cabot University Marketing Club.

Professor Alessandro Signorini welcomed and introduced the guests, explaining that next week the students and club members would choose one of the projects for each of their groups to work on alongside the company.

In the first part of the class, Suni, a Finnish freelance graphic designer, introduced the PWA and explained their program and goals for their upcoming 25th anniversary next year. Suni designed the official 25 year anniversary logo, and is a member and the editor for PWA’s newsletter “The People We Are”. She also discussed the meaning behind the theme for the silver jubilee year “ME2 promoting inclusion”. The project focuses on equal access and opportunity for all, including disabled people, women, immigrants, the LGBT community, all religions, and all races.

Suni also addressed the various opportunities provided by the PWA at their meetings, held at various locations on the 1st Wednesday of each month, and their conferences hosted at the Grand Palace Hotel every 3rd Wednesday of the month. She invited everyone (men as well) to sign up online, by attending one of their events, or

Professional Women Association

Olga Plyaskina

to contact JCU Career Services for more information. Their next conference will be held on Wednesday, September 21 at 7:30pm at the Grand Palace Hotel.

Next, Plyaskina introduced Chameleon: Your Key to Cultures, which focuses on the issue of cultural intelligence in the workplace. She explained that cultural intelligence is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. As a brand new company, they are looking for help in creating a marketing plan that will further promote themselves and acquire new clients from businesses all over Italy.

To conclude the class, Professor Signorini thanked both guests for their presentations and told the students to discuss the presentations and come to the next class with ideas for both companies.