Meet Communications Professor Kwame Phillips

Professor Kwame Phillips is an anthropologist and filmmaker. Born in London and raised in Jamaica, he joined John Cabot's Department of Communications in the Fall of 2016.

A Decade of Leadership: The Matthew Interviews President Pavoncello

This year John Cabot University is celebrating President Franco Pavoncello’s 10th anniversary. A series of events have been organized to honor his leadership. The Matthew sat down with President Pavoncello in the office for an interview

Meet COM Professor Mike Watson

Professor Mike Watson, an art theorist and curator holding a PhD in Philosophy from Goldsmiths College, joined John Cabot’s faculty in 2015.

Meet “Humans of John Cabot” Creator Silvia Bezzi

Following the format of the famous blog Humans of New York, Bezzi began interviewing people around John Cabot University and letting them tell their stories their way.

Meet Professor Gina Siddu Pilia, Foreign Language Resource Center

Prof. Pilia, who teaches Italian at John Cabot University, talks about the importance of learning foreign languages.

Meet JCU Student and Entrepreneur Axel Keicher

24-year old Axel Keicher splits his time between studying Communications and helping manage his family's flower business.

Meet Political Science Professor Pejman Abdolmohammadi

Professor Pejman Abdolmohammadi joined John Cabot's Political Science faculty in 2014 after teaching at a number of universities across Europe.

Meet Professor Stefan Sorgner

Professor Stefan Sorgner, one of the world's leading post- and transhumanist philosophers, joined John Cabot's faculty in Spring 2016 after teaching at a number of universities across Germany and Austria.

Rent a Yacht Apulia: From a JCU Case Project to a Real Startup

Its founders, Sara De Girolamo, Roberto Denigris, and Giulio Liberatore met and developed the business plan for their idea as part of their course work in the certificate program Master in Gestione della Piccola Impresa in Ambito Internazionale at JCU.

Featured Professor: Daniel Roy Connelly

A former British diplomat, Professor Connelly has been an academic since 1999. He has directed theater on three continents and was until 2010 the Artistic Director of Zuloo Theatre in Shanghai, where his production of David Henry Hwang's M Butterfly was forced to close down by the Chinese secret police. He is also a published poet and playright.