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JCU Celebrates the Genius of Roman Poet Giuseppe Gioachino Belli

JCU Celebrates the Genius of Roman Poet Giuseppe Goachino Belli

JCU STAND Shows University of Delaware Students Another Side of Life in Rome

John Cabot University's STAND is raising the awareness of the plight of refugees among American college students from the University of Delaware.

Professor Argentieri Interviewed on Hungarian Political Situation

Prof. Argentieri Interviewed on Hungarian Political Situation

Call for Papers: Bridging the Gap

Call for Papers: BRIDGING THE GAP: Over an Old Pons Milvius Between a New Pontifex Maximus and an Eternal S.P.Q.R.

1911-2011: Marshall McLuhan’s Century

Derrick De Kerckhove spoke about how the figure of Marshall McLuhan shaped the way we consider communications up to this day.

The Legacy of the Italian Resistance: Philip Cooke

A Guarini Institute for Public Affairs panel discussed Philip Cooke's recent book "The Legacy of the Italian Resistance."

Festival of Diplomacy: 10 Years After the Twin Towers

The Guarini Institute of Public Affairs took part in the Festival of Diplomacy that took place in Rome and Florence between the 8th and the 14th of October.

The Upcoming Crisis in the Middle East: Professor Barry Rubin

Students, staff and the Board of Trustees gathered in the Aula Magna for a lecture on the current situation in the Middle East from Professor Barry Rubin.

“Italian Students Enrollment at JCU Has Increased 40%” – La Repubblica

The Rome section of Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica reported that the number of Italian students enrolled at JCU has increased 40% this year.

John Cabot University Welcomes New and Returning Students

JCU Welcomes New and Returning Students at the Tiber Cafe

JCU Orientation Successfully Launches Navigation 101!

With unprecedented numbers of students enrolling at JCU this Fall, the University launched "Navigation 101," a new Orientation program designed to welcome incoming students and help them navigate their way around JCU and the city of Rome.

Jon Bingen: What can we learn from the events in Oslo and Utøya?

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs welcomed Jon Bingen for a lecture on the events of Oslo and Utøya and what we can learn from them.

JCU Career Services: 150+ Internship Opportunities and Growing Strong

JCU Career Services continues its growth, with over 150 competitive internship opportunities offered every semester. These opportunities include international firms and organizations.

Daniele Fiorentino: The US and the Roman Republic of 1849

As part of the events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification, the Guarini Institute invited prof. Daniele Fiorentino, a leading Italian scholar of US history, to share the results of his current research about the connections between the two countries in the period of the 1848-49 Roman Republic.

About Greenpeace: Confessions of a Dropout

On May 25th, many faculty, staff, and students gathered at John Cabot University to listen to Canadian scientist and author Patrick Moore