Conference News

Andy Steves’s Account of his Semester at John Cabot University

Find out about Andy Steves's experience studying abroad at JCU!

The Risorgimento and Italian Unification in Global Perspective

On September 23-24, John Cabot University hosted an international conference entitled "The Risorgimento and Italian Unification in Global Perspective.

John Cabot University Takes a Stand Against Slavery

John Cabot University Takes a Stand Against Slavery!

JCU Professor Silvia Scarpa Speaks on Human Trafficking at Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center

Professor Silvia Scarpa spoke at conference titled "Diritto Internazionale e Disastri: Prevenzione, Preparazione, Risposta"

Call for Papers: Bridging the Gap

Call for Papers: BRIDGING THE GAP: Over an Old Pons Milvius Between a New Pontifex Maximus and an Eternal S.P.Q.R.

Professor Eric De Sena Presents Paper at Annual Meeting of AIA

Prof. Eric De Sena Presents Paper at Annual Meeting of Archaeological Institute of America

Professor Silvia Scarpa to Present Research at University of Amsterdam

Prof. Silvia Scarpa to Present Results of Human Trafficking Research at University of Amsterdam

International Conference at JCU on Copyright, Democracy, and Education

International Conference at JCU Discusses Copyright, Democracy, and Education

Dr. Somnath Batabyal Presents “Don’t Cut My Head Off”

JCU Presents "Don't Cut My Head Off": Provocative Video Essay on Global Environmental Politics

Guarini Institute Panel and Film Screening: “The Reporter and the Genocide: Gareth Jones and the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33”

The Guarini Institute conference hosted by John Cabot University and co-sponsored by Fondazione Liberal focused on different aspects of the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933. The morning section opened with a welcoming speech by JCU President Franco Pavoncello, and by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Rome, Mr. Heorhii Chernyavskyi.

Guarini Institute presents: “Hitler’s Journey to Italy – May 1938”

Director Pietro Melograni presents his film "Hitler's Journey to Italy - May 1938".

Guarini Institute presents: “The Ukrainian Holodomor and the Denial of Genocides”

Friday, November 9, 2007 brought an exciting array of international figures to John Cabot University's Aula Magna Regina as the political and security implications of genocide denial were discussed in a conference organized in collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Studi di Storia dell'Europa Centrale e Orientale.

“The Diplomatic Challenges of Conflict Resolution” – Daithi O’Ceallaigh

His Excellency Daithi O'Ceallaigh - recently appointed Ireland's Ambassador to the United Nations at its European headquarters in Geneva - was closely involved in negotiations leading to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and, more recently, the moves to see devolved government restored at Stormont.