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JCU’s Italy Reads Goes to Scampia

JCU's Italy Reads Goes to Scampia

The Frohring Library Expands its Offerings

The Frohring Library Expands its Offerings!

JCU Welcomes Record Number of Students for Spring 2012

JCU Welcomes Record Number of Students for Spring 2012!

Call for Papers: Bridging the Gap

Call for Papers: BRIDGING THE GAP: Over an Old Pons Milvius Between a New Pontifex Maximus and an Eternal S.P.Q.R.

Daniele Fiorentino: The US and the Roman Republic of 1849

As part of the events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification, the Guarini Institute invited prof. Daniele Fiorentino, a leading Italian scholar of US history, to share the results of his current research about the connections between the two countries in the period of the 1848-49 Roman Republic.

The Politics of Multiculturalism

On Monday, February 21 the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs had the pleasure of hosting its first guest speaker from Australia, John Rundell, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, “President of Victory”

On Wednesday 16th June the Guarini Institute hosted a guest lecture featuring Prof. Spencer M. Di Scala, a pre-eminent professor of University of Massachussets, Boston, and scholar specialized in Italian history.

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs: 65th Anniversary of the End of WWII Remembered

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs hosted two events commemorating the end of World War II. The first was an April 12 screening of the Andrzej Wajda film, Katyn. The film depicts the massacre Polish officers, intellectuals and ordinary citizens that took place during the initial Red Army occupation of half of Poland.

“Italy’s Divided Memory: Fratture d’Italia”

The Guarini Institute of Public Affairs was pleased to present a roundtable discussion on John Foot's recent book published by Palgrave McMillan and Rizzoli.

Guarini Institute presents: “Hitler’s Journey to Italy – May 1938”

Director Pietro Melograni presents his film "Hitler's Journey to Italy - May 1938".

“The Diplomatic Challenges of Conflict Resolution” – Daithi O’Ceallaigh

His Excellency Daithi O'Ceallaigh - recently appointed Ireland's Ambassador to the United Nations at its European headquarters in Geneva - was closely involved in negotiations leading to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and, more recently, the moves to see devolved government restored at Stormont.

Emilio Gentile Presents: “Civil Religion in America”

In his lecture to the JCU community Professor Gentile argued that politics over the past two centuries has often taken on the features of religion.