Philosophy News

Aristotle on Emotions and Persuasion: A Lecture by Professor Alessandra Fussi

On Monday, February 12, The Department of History and Humanities, the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, and the Rome Political Theory Colloquium organized a lecture by Professor Alessandra Fussi. Entitled “Aristotle on Rhetoric and Emotions,” the lecture focused on the relevance of Aristotle’s theories and the importance of rhetoric in our lives today.

Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner Discusses Posthumanism in Stuttgart

John Cabot Philosophy Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner was invited to discuss the “Total Work of Art, Posthuman Music, and the Future of the Arts” with the ground-breaking contemporary composer Sven Helbig at the Future Laboratory Music in Stuttgart.

Gender as a Social Construct: Alumna Claudia Canovai

Claudia Canovai, Class of 2017, comes from a small town in Tuscany. She graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Professor Stefan Sorgner Lectures on Transhumanism Throughout Europe

Professor Stefan Sorgner recently returned from the University of Lower Silesia, in Poland, where he was Visiting Professor.

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel: a Talk by Professor Brunella Antomarini

JCU’s Student Government hosted the second lecture in the Prof. Talks series. This week’s speaker was Philosophy Professor Brunella Antomarini

A Break to Think: Philosophy Professor Brunella Antomarini

Brunella Antomarini, is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at John Cabot University. She has a pluri-disciplinary formation in contemporary epistemology, aesthetics and philosophy, semiotics, theory of poetry, and anthropology.

Professor Stefan Sorgner Publishes Four Essays in Transhumanism Collection

Professor Stefan Sorgner, a member of JCU’s faculty since 2016, is one of the world’s leading leading post- and transhumanist philosophers.

“Beyond Humanism” Conference: Call for Papers

The 9th Beyond Humanism Conference will take place at John Cabot University in Rome July 19-22, 2017.

Professor Sorgner Gives Talk for “Question of Will” Art Project.

On December 16, 2016, John Cabot University’s Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner gave a talk on “Posthuman Perspectives” for the “Question of Will” art project.

Professor Sorgner Publishes New Monograph on Transhumanism

Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner's new monograph Transhumanism: "The Most Dangerous Idea in the World"!? will be published in German by Herder. It will come out on September 29th, 2016.

Professor Sorgner at European Cultural Capital 2016

JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner discussed the relevance of utopias for the future of Europe at a European Cultural Capital 2016 event in Wroclaw, Poland.

Sorgner on Nietzschean Transhumanism

JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner was interviewed for German public television, following the speech he gave at the Global Initiative Symposium 2016 in Taiwan.

Prof. Sorgner Invited to Symposium in Taiwan

Together with other thought leaders, JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner was invited to the Global Initiatives Symposium 2016 in Taiwan dedicated to the topic "Redefine the Limitations".

Philosophy Prof. Sorgner Invited as Visiting Professor at University of Jena

JCU Philosophy Professor Stefan Sorgner Stefan Sorgner, one of the world's leading post- and transhumanist philosophers, was invited as Visiting Professor at the Ethics Centre of the University of Jena this summer.

Meet Professor Stefan Sorgner

Professor Stefan Sorgner, one of the world's leading post- and transhumanist philosophers, joined John Cabot's faculty in Spring 2016 after teaching at a number of universities across Germany and Austria.