The Frohring Library Expands its Offerings

JCU’s Frohring Library has expanded its database with the addition of Ebrary, an online digital library offering over 70,000 e-books from over 500 distinguished publishers, many of which are university presses like Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, Princeton, and Yale.

Selected in 2010 as Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE, the bibliographic tool of the American College and Research Libraries Association, Ebrary Academic Complete includes 16 subject subsets, covering Business & Economics, Computers & IT , Education, History & Political Science, Humanities, Interdisciplinary & Area Studies, Language, Literature & Linguistics, Law, International Relations & Public Policy, Life Sciences, Psychology & Social Work, Religion, Philosophy & Classics, Sociology & Anthropology.

It allows for unlimited simultaneous users, and each user can print 30 consecutive pages at a time. But users can do many other operations while reading: they can expand the search outside the text, searching a selected term in dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, biographies, bibliographies and websites; within the text, they can conduct other searches, highlight, copy (with automatically adding the proper citation), and create bookmarks.

Ebrary is the 23rd database available in the Frohring Library, and a long way from the chained books of Cesena!