More American Students Are Choosing to Get Their BA Degrees Overseas

The New York Times Education Section recently featured an article highlighting a growing trend among American students, noting how an increasing number of them are choosing to pursue their degrees abroad. According to the Institute of International Higher Education, in the past year over 42,000 students have decided to get their Bachelor of Arts degrees outside the United States; among the reasons for this trend, the article mentions the cultural uniqueness of an overseas location, as well as the attractive economic incentives.

In addition to the American University of Paris and the American College of Greece mentioned in the article, there are over 20 regionally accredited American universities overseas, of which John Cabot University, located in the historic center of Rome, is the largest American liberal arts university in Italy.

JCU has doubled in size in the past three years, and has recently expanded to include a new campus and student center, as well as a large student residence. As JCU approaches its 40th year, it has increasingly become known for providing a world-class liberal arts education in Europe. Many of its graduates have been accepted and complete top tier graduate programs in the USA, United Kingdom and Europe, or have gone off into the world of business or international organizations.

According to Dean Merva, “Not only Americans, but students from Italy and the rest of Europe are beginning to discover that an American liberal arts education of critical and creative thinking within an international student community is becoming fundamental to understanding an increasingly complex and interconnected world.”

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