From Germany to Thailand to India to JCU: Student Marcel Gretzschel

Marcel Gretzschel during a recent trip to India

Marcel Gretzschel during a recent trip to India

My name is Marcel Gretzschel. I grew-up in Germany, lived in Thailand, worked in India, and have been volunteering for a multinational/non-profit organization for the past 4 years.

I had my first encounter with John Cabot University during high school at a fair of American universities overseas.

Currently I am a degree-seeking student, majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Philosophy. I chose this major because JCU offers a rich variety of courses on different aspects of International Relations. The philosophical/political courses, courses on contemporary issues such as human rights, and international law courses are among those that convinced me that JCU is a place where I can broaden my horizons. But the academics are not the only appealing aspect of JCU.

Without the University’s commitment to helping students finance their education, I would have not been able to take my first step into the University. It is the trust that JCU places in its students that gave me the feeling that I am at the right institution in such a great and diverse city.