JCU's STAND Raises Funds for Cambodian Orphans

Construction of housing for the children of the ACODO orphanage

Construction of housing for the children of the ACODO orphanage

In keeping with the JCU tradition of fund-raising for good causes, the University’s STAND club, a division of the Genocide Intervention Network, donated €300 to ACODO (Assisting Cambodian Orphans and the Disabled Organization), a community development NGO and orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The funds will be used to help with flood relief.

This donation is a continuation of STAND’s support to the orphanage. In 2009, STAND donated approximately €3,000 towards housing construction for the children. The ACODO orphanage can today provide shelter, nutrition, healthcare, high quality educational opportunities and, above all, a loving home for 65 children from backgrounds of extreme poverty and deprivation. It is considered a special place of hope and kindness.

The club’s Faculty Advisor, Professor Andrea Lanzone, said: “Many young people care greatly about what is going on in the world and take the time from their very busy schedules to organize events to raise money for others. STAND’s contribution not only helps support the orphanage but also helps remind us of the importance of giving to others in need.”

For more information on ACODO, visit their website at www.acodo.org.