JCU's Frohring Library Donates Books to Ethiopian Library Building Project

As all librarians know, weeding is an essential operation for keeping the collections updated (especially when space is a constraint!). But in John Cabot University’s Frohring Library, the Librarians have always thought that old editions might be still important to someone else.

Second-hand books in English can be quite difficult to find in Rome, and the Library has always tried to facilitate their diffusion in the JCU community by selling them at symbolic prices when they are no longer needed.

A few months ago, the Library found out another way to exploit old books. Thanks to Professor Federica Capoferri, Head Librarian Elisabetta Morani was put in touch with Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud (CISS), an Italian NGO promoting and realizing cooperation projects in developing countries. The Frohring Library donated several boxes of books towards CISS’s project of building a library in Konso, one of the poorest areas in Ethiopia.

Today, Ms Morani received a thank you letter from Mr. Enrico Castelli, CISS representative for Ethiopia, saying that the books have finally reached their destination. Ms Morani is now thinking of adopting this library and inviting Mr. Castelli to pick up new weeded books in the future.