Book Giornalisti di Regime Praised by Il Corriere della Sera

Pierluigi Allotti, who teaches communications at JCU, recently published Giornalisti di regime. La stampa italiana tra fascismo e antifascismo (Journalists of the Regime. The Italian Press Between Fascism and Antifascism) 1922-1948, Carocci, Rome.

The book has received many favorable reviews, including the one that appeared on April 4th in the Corriere della Sera. The authoritative Italian daily says that Allotti’s original research sheds new light on the relationship between Italian journalists and the Fascist regime led by Benito Mussolini. The book has also been reviewed in other Italian newspapers such as La Repubblica and L’Avvenire, who have praised the richness of sources and attention to detail devoted to this little-talked about aspect of Italian history.

Professor Allotti will be discussing his book with professors Paolo Mancini and Dario Biocca at the University of Perugia on May 7th at 5.45pm. He will also present his book at the Turin International Book Fair (Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino) on May 12th at 4pm, alongside Corriere della Sera journalist Aldo Cazzullo, Sandro Gerbi and Luca Cassiani.

Professor Allotti is currently teaching CMS 317 Television and Democracy in Italy. A professional journalist who works for the Italian news agency TM News, he holds an undergraduate degree in political science and a doctoral degree in contemporary history from the University of Rome “La Sapienza.”