Unique Internship Opportunities through China California Heart Watch

Dr. Robert Detrano, Director of the China California Health Watch, is offering John Cabot University students a unique opportunity to participate in summer healthcare internships in China.

The China California Heart Watch, a non-for-profit charity whose mission includes medical research, teaching and clinical care in rural Yunnan Province, is seeking students, particularly those interested in future careers in medicine, public health, or related fields to participate in one of several internships this year. This program allows students the opportunity for first-hand experience of medical problems – particularly cardiovascular problems – and care in the impoverished communities of Yunnan.

Dr. Detrano, who holds both an MD and a PhD, has had a successful medical career and is currently Professor of Radiological Sciences and Public Health at the University of California at Irvine. But when he was an American medical student in Rome thirty eight years ago, extreme financial difficulties almost caused him to abandon his studies. Fortunately, John Cabot University was able to offer Detrano part time employment as a science instructor, thus helping him out of poverty and hunger.

“I am very grateful to John Cabot University and so I would like to offer something in return for the help I received in 1974,” says Dr. Detrano. “With the permission of the board of directors of the China California Heart Watch, I would like to invite any interested John Cabot students to join us this year for three weeks as interns. Cabot students will be exempt from the customary donation we ask from other students.  They will be expected to work hard as trainees and volunteers in rural villages giving medical help to poor farmers and their families.” For more information and to apply online, visit China California Heart Watch.