Davide Ciferri Publishes Book on Economics for Kids

John Cabot University Lecturer in Economics Davide Ciferri recently co-authored a book on economics for kids, which has now been published by Edizioni Lapis.

The book, Economia! Una scienza da scoprire, dal baratto allo spread, gives an informative and understandable introduction to the main economic concepts, such as the need for taxes, how money works, globalization and sustainable development.

The book uses examples taken from everyday life, humorous historical anecdotes and illustrations to give a basic understanding of economics, and is aimed at kids from the age of 10.

Professor Ciferri, who has a laurea from LUISS University and has been teaching Economics at John Cabot University since 2010, also recently co-authored “Fiscal shocks and real exchange rate dynamics: Some evidence for Latin America”, a paper published in the Journal of International Money and Finance.