JCU 2012 Summer International Communications Institute Calendar of Events


John Cabot University is pleased to announce the 2012 Summer International Communications Institute calendar of events:

Aula Magna, 5:30-7:00pm
Refreshments to follow

Panel 1 (Weds, July 11): Politics and Money
How money matters but how social media may subvert this (or not!)

Kevin Johnson (CSU Long Beach), Campaign Spending and American Democracy
Jennifer Asenas (CSU Long Beach), Social Movements and Subverting Traditional Media
Gabriele Cosentino (JCU), Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC
Moderator: Mike Russo (St. Mary’s College)

Panel 2 (Weds, July 18): Politics and Rhetoric
How candidates have used rhetoric in electoral campaigns from Ancient Rome to the 21st Century American Republic.

Tom Govero (JCU), Campaigning in Ancient Rome
Karl Squitier (CSU Long Beach), Rhetoric and Agenda
Mike Grace (partner, Grace & Grace, Los Angeles), Campaign Speech in America: de Tocqueville’s Insights and Modern Implications
Moderator: Jennifer Asenas (CSU Long Beach)

Panel 3 (Weds, July 25): Politics and Religion
How the Vatican communicates its policies, and the role of journalists in filtering this political communication.

Lovett (Vatican Radio)
David Kerr, (Catholic News Agency)
Andrew Edwards (Rome Reports)
Moderator: Kevin Johnson (CSU Long Beach)

Cicero Speech Contest (Weds, Aug. 1): Politics and Truth

Does a politician have to tell the truth?

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