InVerse Presents "A Celebration of the InVerse Anthologies"


Poetry-lovers from the Rome community flocked to the Marc and Peggy Spiegel Student Center on June 13th for the seventh edition of InVerse Italian Poets in Translation. The evening began with a bilingual tribute by JCU Professors Rosa Filardi and Berenice Cocciolillo to the great poet Andrea Zanzotto, who died on October 18, 2011, and whose poetry is featured in the InVerse 2012 anthology.

Next, JCU Professor Brunella Antomarini greeted the audience and gave an overview of the InVerse festival: “We have been inspired by the desire to give anglophone readers a direct, first approach to Italian poetry by exposing them to a wide variety of poetic voices.”

Poet and University of Rome “La Sapienza” professor Tommaso Ottonieri expressed appreciation for InVerse : “This festival, which started out very discretely, has developed its own distinct identity: it is a place where all types of poets come together, resulting in a fascinating dialogue.”

Journalist and literary critic Maria Teresa Carbone also praised InVerse: “I am very impressed with the quality of the translations, which manage to create in English sounds and rhythms that are close to the original Italian.”

During the evening poets and translators read from the five editions of the InVerse anthologies, which collect the works of well known poets such as Zanzotto, Giuliano Mesa, and Maria Luisa Spaziani, who belong to the history of Italian poetry, in addition to younger and lesser known poets whose unique voices deserve to be heard.

The audience was also treated to the screening of a video of images and music, inspired by InVerse. The video, Traces by Leonardo Gervasi, original sound track by Massimo Falascone, Sottovuoto Productions, Milan, was received with much enthusiasm and applause.

The evening concluded with a tribute to the late poet Paola Febbraro, who was a great supporter of InVerse.

Founded in 2005 by John Cabot University professors Brunella Antomarini, Berenice Cocciolillo, and Rosa Filardi, the
InVerse festival
is one of the University’s most important cultural events and has filled a need in Rome for a forum in which to read, translate, and discuss Italian poetry.

JCU’s Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Merva observed: “As a foreign university in this wonderful country of Italy, JCU has a special role in promoting cultural exchange between Italy and the United States.The InVerse Poetry Festival is a shining example of very thoughtful and provocative cultural exchange.”

InVerse 2012, the fifth InVerse anthology, published by John Cabot University Press, features poetry by: • Andrea Zanzotto • Giuliano Mesa • Federico Zuliani • Elisa Biagini • Luigi Nacci • Alessandro De Francesco • Elisa Davoglio • Maria Luisa Spaziani • Elio Pecora • Annelisa Alleva • Sebastiano Aglieco • Sonia Gentili