Professor George Minot Publishes New Novel "Om Love"

om-loveCongratulations to Professor George Minot, whose new novel Om Love has been published by Random House.

Set in the downtown New York yoga world at the turn of the millennium, Om Love is a love story about a once-trendy artist who has lost his bearings and finds his life reinvigorated by his new yoga practice—and a certain barefooted yoga teacher. Moving, inspiring, transporting, it is a romantic novel of yoga, inner mystery, and surrender.

For further information, please visit the Random House website.

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Professor Minot teaches Creative Writing at John Cabot University and is the interim director of the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translations for the 2012-2013 academic year. Born and raised in Massachussetts, he is also the author of The Blue Bowl (Knopf), works as an environmental communications consultant, and teaches yoga and healing with whole foods.