Roma International: Critical Issues and Advantages

As part of Rome’s Festival of Diplomacy, the Guarini Institute of Public Affairs presented the findings of a major field research project, Roma International: Critical Issues and Advantages. In the Sala Pietro da Cortona at the Campidoglio, a small team of young scholars presented their findings on Rome’s international dimension. The research, sponsored by the Guarini Institute of Public Affairs and monitored by advisors John Fanti, Guido Lenzi and Lucio Martino, was part of the third edition of the Festival della Diplomazia.

Here is a synopsis of the research that was presented:

The city of Rome has a long history of hosting an international community which lives and interacts daily with the citizens and local institutions. This report represents the existing knowledge basis for assessing the impact of the international community on the economic, administrative and cultural environment of the city. The first session is devoted to the description of the quantifiable indicators which allow us to define the ranking of Rome in the global urban hierarchy. Furthermore, a description of the main prerogatives of Rome as a capital city is offered.

The second part describes the concept of Rome International, necessary to the assessment of the international status of the city. The basic insight is that the key actors playing a role in Rome International are its 26 International Organizations (including FAO, IFAD and WFP), 139 Embassies, 77 Embassies to the Holy See, 73 Embassies to San Marino, 357 NGOs, 41 Academies and Cultural Institutes. Besides, Rome hosts 4 foreign universities attracting around 70% out of the total of foreign students. The third part illustrates some descriptive statistics, facts and figures related to the research fields. In conclusion a summary of the main activities and programs undertaken by the local administration in the field of international affairs over the last years is provided.

Read the full report (in Italian)

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