Meet John Cabot University Senior Mary Rideout

JCU senior Mary Rideout

JCU senior Mary Rideout

Hometown: Easton, Massachusetts
Major: Marketing Major (Psychology Minor)
Clubs: Universities Fighting World Hunger – Co-Founder and President
Women’s Leadership Initiative – Events Coordinator
LGBT Straight Alliance – Treasurer
Drama – Student Representative

“Hi! My name is Mary Rideout and I am a senior at JCU. I have been at John Cabot since my freshman year. When I first heard about JCU, back in the eleventh grade, it was as if destiny took a hand in my search for the right school. I had finished my college search, though I was not in love with any of the options I had found, when one day I received a piece of mail from JCU. The rest is history. I could not imagine a more perfect fit for me. The professors, faculty and staff are caring and supportive. I even know the President personally! The class sizes are small but incredibly diverse, led by outstanding professors from all around the globe. I have learned more about the world and myself than I could have ever hoped in these 4 short years.

With fifteen clubs and several community service opportunities, JCU has more than just stimulating yet challenging courses to offer its students. Set in the heart of Rome, JCU quickly becomes a second home to its global student body, offering a university experience like none other. It takes a special type of person to choose to study in another country for four years, but for those who do the reward will be greater than they realize. As I always tell my friends and family, it is the most difficult and the most beneficial decision I have ever made.”