Professor Brunella Antomarini Publishes Book "Thinking Through Error"

Thinking Through ErrorJCU Professor Brunella Antomarini recently published her new book Thinking through Error: The Moving Target of Knowledge (Lexington Books, 2012).

The aim of Thinking through Error: The Moving Target of Knowledge is to describe knowledge as it works in our everyday attitude and behavior. Often in life, when making decisions and choices, we do not need to test the truth of our beliefs, so there must be another way to guide ourselves. With this in mind, Antomarini presents ‘thinking through error’ instead of ‘excluding error’. That is, we act through a slow process of guess-work, followed by quick gestures. By using our own uncertainty and our exploratory abilities, we face unpredictable situations and at the same time we acknowledge the constant presence of error in our thinking. Every decision we make continuously determines and replaces an entire universe within which that decision is plausible. Our everyday knowledge is a balance between a feeling of the truth and its negation.

Brunella Antomarini teaches contemporary philosophy and aesthetics at John Cabot University, Rome. Among her latest books are:
L’errore del Maestro (Derive Approdi, Roma 2006) and Pensare con L’errore (Codice Edizioni, Torino 2007).

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