President Pavoncello and Pietro Grasso on Legality for Sustainable Growth

On November 28, 2012, the Headquarters of Confcommercio in Rome hosted the bilingual Conference Exploring How Legality and Modernity Should Shape New Models of Sustainable Growth. The event was part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of John Cabot University.

The Conference was organized by John Cabot University and Confcommercio (The Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professional Occupations and Self-employment), and addressed many themes tied to legality and modernity, and how they affect the economy, the environment, and business.

The prestigious panel of guests included the President of Confcommercio Carlo Sangalli, John Cabot University President Franco Pavoncello, and featured Pietro Grasso, Italy’s Chief Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, as one of the key speakers.

According to Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Pietro Grasso, “Organized crime, corruption, and tax evasion all weaken our economic system. Even though this is a well-known problem, phenomena tied to illegality continue to be an impediment to the development of our country.” Prosecutor Grasso added “We need a moral revolt against a ruling class that has exploited public institutions for their own profit or ambition. We must all roll up our sleeves and work together.”

President Pavoncello stressed the capital role of legality in promoting development and democracy. “Legality is a paramount theme for Italy and directly related to modernity and growth.” Dr. Pavoncello continued, “Without the presence of consolidated institutions to uphold the law, modernity can hinder the economic development and growth of our country, but we have the potential to overcome these obstacles and to conjugate legality and growth in our future.”

Confcommercio President Carlo Sangalli also spoke of the need to work together to “contribute to bring competitiveness back to Italy, by improving the efficiency of the economic and social systems and fighting against those who spread illegality and undermine the foundations of democracy.”

Read the preface to the Conference (in English and Italian)

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