Professor Pietro Paganini Publishes Article in Prestigious Italian Daily

Professor Pietro Paganini, who teaches in the Department of Business Administration at John Cabot University, recently published an article in the prestigious Italian daily Corriere della Sera on how education needs to encourage research, critical thinking, and creativity in order to prepare students for future challenges.

A native of Milan, Professor Paganini, who holds a Doctorate in Communication and Complex Organizations from LUMSA University, is co-founder of Competere – Geopolitical Management – a transatlantic consulting firm based in Rome. He is also the founder of Gingerit, an interior design and renovation firm. He teaches New Product Management and Principles of Management at JCU.

His first book Innovation: from Theory to Territory: Paradigm and Strategies in the Information Society was published in January 2006. He is also the author of numerous articles in various Italian and international papers, scientific journals, radio and TV, in which he has continuously advocated free market, entrepreneurship and innovation. Professor Paganini was recently featured as John Cabot University Professor of the Month.

Read the article (in Italian) “Grandi esploratori, diventiamo grandi innovatori.”

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