"Il Giornale" Publishes Results of Professor Federigo Argentieri's Research

The Milan daily Il Giornale has published with great relevance the results of some recent research by Professor Federigo Argentieri, carried on at the Jozsef Karolyi foundation in Fehérvarcsurgo, Hungary.

In addition to teaching Political Science and International Affairs, Professor Argentieri is Director of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs.

According to a correspondence found in the archives of François Fejtö (1909-2008), a noted author and journalist, some relevant politicians of the German Socialist Party (SPD), including the Nobel Prize Willy Brandt himself, refused in June 1988 – for fear of upsetting the Eastern bloc – to support a symbolic burial of Imre Nagy in Paris. Nagy was the leader of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, who had been executed two years later in an unknown grave. A year after the ceremony in Paris, he received a solemn funeral in Budapest which also represented the funeral of the communist regime.

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