Faculty Development Funds Support JCU's Outstanding Professors

JCU Vice President and Academic Dean Mary Merva is pleased to report that JCU faculty development funds continue to support the professional development of an outstanding group of faculty. “Faculty is the heart of a university and it is their on-going research and passion for their subjects that brings to JCU a first-class liberal arts education for our students.”

Faculty Development Funds were awarded to the following professors for research and professional projects during the 2012-13 academic year (in alphabetical order):

Serafino Amato – Photography
Professor Amato received funding for publication of a bilingual book including 20 of his photographs entitled A Series of Lessons for Serafino, with Edoardo Albinati.

Silvia Ammary – English Literature
Prof. Ammary attended the First Global Conference ‘Making Sense of ….’ in Sydney, Australia, where she presented a paper entitled “Hemingway’s Martinis and Macaronis”. She also participated in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS) Conference in Paris, France, and presented the paper “Hemingway and Paris, Redefining Travel Writing”. In May Professor Ammary attended the ASSE Conference in Tirana and presented a paper entitled “Hemingway’s Adopted Nationalities and his Internationalism,” and attended a conference on crime fiction entitled “Poe’s Beautiful Dead Women: Males’ Fictional Ideals” in Galway, Ireland.

Federigo Argentieri – International Affairs
Professor Argentieri participated in an international conference in Milan as well as conducted research and gave lectures in Belgrade, Serbia. He also explored the Francois Fejto archives at the Karolyi Foundation in Fehervarcsurgo, Hungary.

Tom Bailey – Philosophy
Professor Bailey presented two papers at university conferences: “Nietzsche’s Transcendental Idealism and its Neo-Kantian Origins” in England and “Cosmopolitan Hypocrisy” in India. He also participated in related conferences in Lecce, Rome and Pisa. He delivered a paper entitled “Rethinking Conflict and Consensus: Habermas and Rawls on Religion’ at the Pluralism and Conflict: Distributive Justice Beyond Rawls and Consensus Conference in Istanbul and another entitled ‘Translation and Conjecture: Postsecular Cosmopolitanism in Habermas and Rawls” at the European Consortium for Political Research conference in Bordeaux.

Maria Adelaide Basile – Italian Studies
Professor Basile participated in the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies where she presented a paper entitled “Il ‘viaggio’ dell’anima in Dante Alighieri e Cecco d’Ascoli” and “Il Contrasto ‘Rosa fresca aulentissima’ di Cielo d’Alcamo, Lettura e commento”, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ada Bertini Bezzi – Italian Studies
Professor Bezzi attended a Workshop on Language Learning in Brussels and participated in the 6th International AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian) Conference in Strasbourg where she presented a paper entitled “L’importanza di un inserimento più strutturato dell’insegnamento della fonetica nelle classi universitarie americane: efficacia e limiti delle nuove tecnologie.” She also participated in the conference “In Nova Azione” The Promotion of Italian Inside and Outside the Classroom” in Sorrento.

Massimo Betello – Italian Studies
Professor Betello received support for his research toward completion of his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Sidewalks and Stepping Stones: Negotiation and Meaning of Pedestrian Traffic Flow in Pompeii”.

Allan Christensen – English
Professor Christensen attended a Conference on Victorian and Edwardian Studies at the University of Chieti-Pescara.

Isabella Clough Marinaro – Sociology
Professor Clough Marinaro received funding to deliver a paper “Rome’s ‘legal’ camps for Roma: The construction of new spaces for illegality” at the Conference entitled “Norms in the Margins and Margins in the Norm: The Social Construction of Illegality” at the University of Leuven. She also participated in the International Conference “Europe: Crisis and Renewal” at Cambridge University where she presented a paper entitled “Beyond the Roma Issue: Experiences of non-ethnicized political participation of some Roma in Rome.”

Silvia Dall’Olio – Italian Studies
Professor Dall’Olio participated in the ILSA (Insegnanti di italiano come Lingua Seconda Associati) national annual conference in Florence and performed research at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA). She also attended the ILSA Summer Institute for Language Teachers on “Improving Language Learning: Styles and Strategies-Based Instruction”. Professor Dall’Olio also hosted a workshop entitled “Professionalizing Language Teaching in Education Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities” in the context of the conference Human Resources and Capital Development in Education Abroad in Florence.

Nick Dines – Sociology
Professor Dines attended the ASMI Conference entitled “BASTA! Patterns of Protest in Modern Italy” in London where he presented a paper “Environmental Vanguardism or Lumpen Kacquerie? Collective Protest, Post-political Consensus and Representations of the Italian South during the Campania Refuse Crisis.” He also presented a paper entitled “Heritage Politics and the Governance of the Abject in the Centro Storico of Naples” at the International Symposium on Recovery Valorization and Maintenance of Historic Centers in Syracuse, Sicily.

Michael Driessen – Political Science
Professor Driessen presented a paper entitled “Gender and Religious Institutions in the Muslim Majority World” at the annual Conference of Middle East Studies Association in Denver.

Peter Flaccus et al. – Studio Art
Professor Flaccus and his colleagues in the Department of Art History and Studio Art received funding in support of the Faculty Art Show which was held from November 8-15, 2012.

Karen Georgi – Art History
Professor Georgi received support for the cost of reproduction of images for an academic publication entitled “Critical Shift: Nineteenth-Century American Art Criticism and Modern Periodization, or Re-reading James Jackson Jarves, Clarence Cook, and William J. Stillman.” She also participated in the Annual Conference of the Association of Art Historians in Reading, UK, where she presented a paper entitled “The Connoisseur in 19th Century America: A historical view of his timeless certainties.”

Alessandra Grego – English
Professor Grego participated in the BAVS/NAVSA/AVSA – Victorian Studies Conference in Venice where she presented a paper entitled ‘”To lead a Grand Life Here-Now-in England”: Autochthony and Allocthony in George Eliot’s National Character.”

Pamela Harris – Political Science
Professor Harris presented a paper entitled “Legislative Borrowing in the United States” at the University of Parma.

Tara Keenan – English
Professor Keenan delivered a paper entitled “Outlines and Outliers: Assessing the Impact of an American Cultural Approach to Composition Among International Students” at a conference organized by the International Writing Centers Association in California. She also participated in the National TESOL Conference in Rome.

Eszter Kollar – International Affairs
Professor Kollar presented two papers entitled “Not by Bread Alone: Inequality, Relative deprivation and ‘Self-respect'” and “The Human Right to Health and its Standard Threats” at the University of Ottawa.

Antonio López – Communications
Professor López gave a presentation entitled “Greening Media Literacy” at the Media and Learning Conference in Brussels.

Tijana Mamula – Communications
Professor Mamula presented a paper entitled “The Pedagogical Uses of Found Footage Material: Bridging the Gap between Experimental Filmmaking and Critical Media Practice” at the Alternative Film and Video Forum in Belgrade, Serbia.

Tiziana Provvidera – Humanities
Professor Provvidera was awarded support for the publication of her book Etica e politica in Giusto Lipsio (“Ethics and Politics in Justus Lipsius’s Thought”).

Danica Pusic – Humanities
Professor Pusic presented a paper entitled “Stativity vs. Dynamicity: Reconsidering Boundaries of Some Actional Features” at the Colloquium in Latin Linguistics, in Rome. She was also awarded funds in contribution toward the expenses incurred for the copy-editing of the article entitled “Past in the Serbian Variant of Serbo-Croatian: Distribution of Verbal Tenses in Varous Registers” accepted for publication in the journal Scando-Slavica.

Lars Rensmann – Political Science
Professor Rensmann presented the paper “From Habermas Back to Kant? Rethinking Global Constitutionalism from Below,” and chaired the panel “Judgment and the Political Theory of Hannah Arendt,” at the Midwestern Political Science Association
Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Shannon Russell – English
Professor Russell participated in the BAVS/NAVSA/AVSA Victorian Studies Conference in Venice where she presented a paper entitled “”Nobody’s Child Must Sleep Under Somebody’s roof – and why not yours?”: Adventures of the Female Ego in Dickens, George Meredith’s The Egoist and Wilkie Collins’s No Name.”

Silvia Scarpa – International Affairs
Professor Scarpa participated in the Global Governance and Transnational Human Rights Obligations (GLOTHRO) Workshop on the Direct Human Rights Obligations of Corporations in International Law held in Bled, Slovenia.

James Schwartzen – Italian Studies
Professor Schwartzen participated in the conference “Human Resources and Capital Development in Education Abroad” where he presented a paper at the session “Professionalizing Language Teaching in Education Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Alessandra Seggi – Communications
Professor Seggi delivered a paper entitled “The Poster(s) for Archies’s Final Project (Miller, 2009): A Visual/Media Literacy Interpretation” at the International Visual Literacy Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Alessandro Signorini – Business
Professor Signorini participated in the Oxfam International research project to ethically review the production and distribution processes of companies involved in agriculture and food held in Thailand.

Gabriele Simoncini – Political Science
Professor Simoncini was awarded support for his participation in two conferences. He presented the papers “European Perceptions of Global Education” in Krakow, Poland, and “Experience Education in Global Context” in Biala, Poland.

Lauren Sunstein – English
Professor Sunstein attended a conference on Mediterranean Authors and Translators.

Barbara Sveva Magnanelli – Business
Professor Magnanelli participated in the Annual Conference of the European Accounting Association (EAA) in Paris, France, where she presented a paper entitled “The Role of Corporate Governance in Financial Statement Frauds”.

Erika Tasini – Communications
Professor Tasini received support for participation in the Italian Documentary Screening Conference in Florence, the Berlin Film Festival and The Documentary Summit 2013 in London.

Vanda Wilcox – History
Professor Wilcox presented a paper entitled “Training in the Italian army 1914-1917” at the conference “The Greater War: Conflict Beyond Flanders’ Fields, 1914-1918” at King’s College, London.

Lila Yawn – Art History
Professor Yawn was awarded funds for the reproduction of archival material and for her participation in the conference “The Middle Age in the Modern World” where she presented a paper entitled “Assisi’s May Festival and its Fascist Founder” in Saint Andrews, Scotland.