Professors Schwarten and Connelly Help 'Teatro di Gioia' 2013

John Cabot University professors James Schwarten and Daniel Roy Connelly will lend their expertise to the organizers and countless volunteers of this year’s edition of the ‘Teatro di Gioia’. This 13th Annual edition of Teatro di Gioia will take place under the direction of Italian author, Dacia Maraini.

Three student interns from Harvard University (USA) will join JCU student interns Riley Callaway and Helena Fitzgerald in the production of Dacia Maraini’s play “Passi affrettati” (‘Hurried Steps’). This festival, to take place in August in the Marsica region of Abruzzo, brings together people who share their talent and energies to benefit the Arts and increase awareness of the importance of organ donation and living kidney donations.

The passion shared by organizers and participants guiding their work is the love for Abruzzo, which is rich with memories of the past and hope for the future. All of those involved in the festival embrace Dacia Maraini’s firm belief that theater remains one of the few non-virtual places where people can still meet face-to-face, and where the written word meets the spoken word, a place where the greater problems of society are measured against daily life.

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