ISFOL and JCU's Institute for Entrepreneurship Join Forces for Education

On January 23, 2014 the Institute for the Development of Vocational Training for Workers (ISFOL) held an important conference at the Auditorium in Rome. The event was intended to give space to new ideas for improvement in fields such as entrepreneurship, mathematics, ICT, and languages.

For more than thirty years ISFOL, a national research institution under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, has been providing technical and scientific support at local, regional and national level in the field of education, labor and social policies. It aims to promote employment, develop human resources, and foster social inclusion.

ISFOL is also the National Agency for the Lifelong Learning – Leonardo da Vinci Program (LLP), instituted by the European Parliament instituted in 2006 with the general objective of promoting exchanges, cooperation and mobility among educational and vocational trainings within the European Community. By coordinating the actions of Member States, the LLP offers them a platform for discussion, improvement and innovation.

Professor Pietro Paganini, adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration at John Cabot University and an active member of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE), was invited and personally contributed to the conference with his forward-looking ideas about the education system. In his opinion, “Students are closed in a box and must to be stimulated to be creative and entrepreneurial. They can learn by doing, and schools should encourage them to solve problems rather than passively absorb knowledge”.

Professor Paganini’s approach and ISFOL’s commitment to lifelong learning are at the heart of the IFE, where the founding pillars are “Learn, Connect, Support.” This is why the IFE and ISFOL have decided to join forces for an upcoming project: a video shooting that will involve Professor Paganini and Professor Pulino’s classes. The IFE is looking forward to this exciting collaboration.

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