JCU Visits Kazakhstan's Embassy in Rome

JCU at Kazakhstan's Embassy

JCU at Kazakhstan’s Embassy

John Cabot University was honored to receive an invitation to meet with Kazakhstan’s current Ambassador to Italy, Andrian Yelemessov. On February 11th, President Franco Pavoncello, Director of Marketing Danette Anderson, and three current JCU students from Kazakhstan visited the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Rome.

Kazakhstan has become one of the fastest growing economies and an important player on the world stage. A highly diverse country, Kazakhstan is currently a bilingual country, and is striving to become a trilingual state with English as the third language, after Russian and Kazakh.

Current JCU students Yekaterina Petrova (Communications), Alina Lim (International Business), and Dayan Davletgaliyev (Economics and Finance) spoke at length with Ambassador Yelemessov about their experiences at John Cabot University. As Kazakhstan’s economy and its international network develop, there is a growing demand for young, educated professionals. These JCU students plan to take the skills and knowledge they acquired back to Kazakhstan, where their educational foundation will be very useful as they enter the workforce.

John Cabot University recognizes the important role students such as Petrova, Lim, and Davletgaliyev play by enriching the community with their diverse perspectives and experiences.

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