Meet Alumnus Andrea di Rocco, Founder of SOSWordpress

Andrea di Rocco

Andrea di Rocco

JCU Alumnus Andrea di Rocco (from Ostia, Italy) took entrepreneurship to an extreme, abandoning a well-paid, successful career as Luxury Brand sales representative at Procter and Gamble, for an uncertain yet exciting new adventure which led him to relocate to Thailand.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration in 2009, Andrea overcame several challenges that made him the successful entrepreneur he is today. Currently Andrea di Rocco is the founder and CEO of the popular website SOSWordpress, which helps clients create, improve and launch websites through WordPress.

Only up until recently, Andrea di Rocco found himself in a prestigious position at Procter and Gamble with an open-ended contract, yet nonetheless feeling unsatisfied and missing his freedom to travel. Inspired by entrepreneur Timothy Ferris’ The Four-Hour Workweek, Andrea dedicated his weekends to studying IT and programming, in hopes of finding the right idea to start off his business.

Andrea eventually built up the courage to leave his position, and to fully dedicate himself to the pursuit of his business ideas. After scrupulous self- and market analysis, he decided to master his competencies and to create a professional website that would serve to help clients create and manage websites: and so SOSWordpress was born.

Today, SOSWordpress has about 2,000 visits per day, with 200 published articles, and a fast-growing portfolio of clients. This success did not prevent Andrea from fulfilling his unstoppable desire to travel: he is, in fact, currently living in Koh Samui, Thailand!

According to Andrea, the key elements for aspiring entrepreneurs are self-discipline, a desire to go out of the comfort-zone, and unlimited passion. His advice for JCU students is simple but effective: “Read at least three articles every morning, keep informed and look for competencies that you could possibly acquire. Don’t be scared to experiment, work hard and don’t give up on your projects!”

A team of international collaborators helps Andrea to carry out daily business, thus allowing his entrepreneurial spirit to keep generating new ideas for the future. Moreover, he is very proud of having achieved the automation of website content marketing, a big step forward for the efficiency and success of his activity.

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship wishes Andrea and his team the best of luck!

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