John Cabot University Presents the 2014 Student Awards

“We are here to celebrate the success of our students and the special spirit of our community,” said John Cabot University President Franco Pavoncello, as he addressed students, faculty, and staff gathered at the Secchia Terrace on April10th for JCU’s annual Student Awards ceremony.

Both the President and Vice President and Dean of Academics Mary Merva praised this year’s group of winners for their achievements, both in academics and service to the University. “Given our small size, I am really impressed with the number of students from the Class of 2014 who have been accepted to top graduate schools like Oxford University, the London School of Economics, and Columbia University,” remarked the President.

Here is the full list of winners:

Academic Awards

The Lloyd Dodd Award in Art History: Giorgia Tamburi
The Luciano Battelli Award in Business Administration: Carlo Guercia Sammarco
Classical Studies: Kirsten Rogerson
Communications: Abigail Lewis
Economics: Cesare Achille Cacciapuoti and Valerio Maria Claroni
English Literature: Diana Mastrodomenico and Victor Xavier Zarour Zarzar
Finance and Accounting: Carlo Guercia Sammarco
The Brian Williams Award in History: Joshua Maurizio Giacchè
Humanistic Studies: Arianna Pecora
International Affairs: Diletta Luminari and Paola Panfili
Marketing: Salvatore Britti
Math: Valerio Maria Claroni and Raffaele Manini
Political Science: Tommaso Trillò

Outstanding Service Awards

Presidential Award for Outstanding Service to John Cabot University: Alexandra Summers
The Alessandro Mioni Student Award: Lucrezia Lo Schiavo
Student Leadership Award: El Cheikh Fares Cheikh Moussa
Service to the John Cabot University Community: Tariro Mzezewa
Community Service Award: Michael Baylen Campbell
Student Worker Award: Corey Scott Rutkowski, Zachariah Sherburne, Victor Xavier Zarour Zarzar
Sports Award: Victoria Di Castro Horn and El Cheikh Fares Cheikh Moussa
The Albert Walker Fuller Prize for Op/Ed Articles: Michelle Karen Moylan

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