Alberese Archaeological Project Wins $7000 Research Grant

The Alberese Archaeological Project – organized by the University of Sheffield in collaboration with John Cabot University – has been awarded the prestigious Rakow Grant for research by the Corning Museum of Glass (NY).

The grant is a major research award for the study of the assemblages of Roman glass finds discovered during the excavations by the Alberese Archaeological Project. Professor Inge Lyse Hansen who co-directs the Project, stated “we are honoured and delighted at this recognition of the Alberese Project.”

Excavations made between 2010-13 have unearthed the largest Roman-period glass workshops identified in central Italy. It is also the only known production site where the entire manufacturing sequence is visible archaeologically.

The Rakow Grant will enable a systematic study of the glass workshops, in order to understand the production cycle and the origins of the recycled glass.

The results will be published in the Journal of Glass Studies. The preliminary results will also be discussed at a workshop conference held at the British School at Rome on Monday April 7, 2014, entitled “Recycling Glass and Metals. The Archaeology of Roman and Late Antique Productive Sites”

For details of the workshop conference, click here.

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