Professor Tom Bailey Edits "Deprovincializing Habermas: Global Perspectives"

Deprovincializing Habermas: Global Perspectives

Deprovincializing Habermas: Global Perspectives

JCU Philosophy and Business Administration professor Tom Bailey recently edited Deprovincializing Habermas: Global Perspectives (Routledge India, 2013). The volume features a chapter authored by Professor Lars Rensmann, chair of the Department of Political Science and International Affairs at John Cabot University.

The book engages Habermas’ political theory from perspectives outside its own Western locus. It critically and constructively examines its implications for contexts ranging from Latin America and the Middle East to India and China, and for themes ranging from the U.N., cosmopolitanism, democracy, and human rights to colonialism, feminism, care, modernity, and religion.

Lars Rensmann’s chapter, “Back to Kant? The Democratic Deficits in Habermas’s Global Constitutionalism” criticizes the global political system proposed by Habermas for its democratic failings.

Deprovincializing Habermas provides a rich and systematic engagement with Habermas’ political theory from global perspectives, and will be an essential reading for both students and scholars of his work.