Institute for Entrepreneurship Welcomes Laura Raimondo

Laura Raimondo

Laura Raimondo

On April 15th, 2014 the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship hosted a lecture by Laura Raimondo, Senior Vice President of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). Raimondo spoke to JCU students about the growing model of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the field of healthcare.

Students Silvia Bezzi and Luis Castro were recognized for their graphic design work for UPMC. Silvia and Luis created brochures for UPMC’s new medical center in Chianciano, Tuscany, guided by Professor Schmidt. The brochures focused on the connection and care that UPMC medical staff offers to patients.

Raimondo explained the methods and advantages of building a PPP. While the public sector is efficient and cost effective, the private sector provides qualitative services and management systems that the public sector would not be able to obtain alone. “Providing care and human support beyond efficiency and professionalism is a great priority,” said Raimondo.

UPMC first came to Italy in 1996, when some determined physicians from Sicily asked for help in establishing a liver transplantation center in Palermo. Raimondo explained the dynamics of the agreement between UPMC, the Italian government, and the Civico and Cervello hospitals in Palermo.

The project was a great success and UPMC decided to continue operations throughout Italy. With centers in Palermo, Taormina, and Rome, UMPC helps hospitals with management, personnel training and research.

A brief Q&A session was held after the lecture. Professor Pulino said, “Ms. Raimondo fulfilled all the requirements of a great speaker: besides properly addressing complex topics relevant to the different classes that attended the event, she truly represents a role model for the audience.”