Guarini Institute of Public Affairs Hosts Panel Discussion on Ukraine and Europe after the Elections

The Guarini Institute panel discussion

The Guarini Institute panel discussion

On Monday, June 16th the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs presented a panel discussion on the political and economic situation of Europe and Ukraine after the May 25th elections.

The panel was moderated by Helen Viola, an American-trained RAI reporter. Contributors included H.E. Damir Grubisha, Croatian Ambassador to Italy; Dr. Mykola Riabchuk, co-editor of Kiev’s journal Krytyka, and Dr. Andrew Wilson, reader in Ukrainian Studies at University College in London.

Following a brief introduction by Professor Argentieri, the speakers analyzed the nature of the current Ukranian crisis. The panel focused on the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the current policies of the EU, Russia and the US. After the discussion, audience members were encouraged to ask questions, challenge arguments and clarify the presented themes.

This event capped a semester in which JCU proved capable of following and analyzing a major international crisis. Through various initiatives, students and faculty were able to understand the subtleties and possible implications of the Ukrainian crisis while offering original points of view to the external audience.

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