On Ukrainian Situation: Future Project of Foreign Policy

John Cabot University hosted the meeting among Guarini Institute of Public Affairs director Federigo Argentieri and some other Faculty members, and Mr. V. Filipchuk, Second Class Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Envoy, Chairman of the Board of ICPS (International Center for Policy Studies), Deputy Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EC; Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. Sergey Sukhankin, Associate Analyst of ICPS, Kyiv, Ukraine and Ms. Alla Hurska, Associate Analyst of ICPS, all form Kyiv, Ukraine.

After a brief introduction that Professor Argentieri made regarding the activity and events of the Guarini institute, the other members introduced themselves explaining their views in relation with the Ukrainian crisis and foreign policy. After an interesting discussion on Ukrainian political situation, Mr. V. Filipchuk explained the projects he and his fellows are working on: developing the position of Ukraine into the European scenario through a process of divulgation of the common concept of Ukrainian contemporary crisis. Filipchuck’s idea is to explain the Ukrainian situation and spread out new ideas through lectures around European Universities; the Guarini Institute and JCU’s faculty members granted full support in this endeavor.