Global Village's Promise: Telecommunications, Networked Power and the Rise of Global Citizenship

On Wednesday, July 16th, the Summer Institute in International Communications 2014 presented the last of a series of three forums. The theme was “Telecommunications, Networked Power and the Rise of Global Citizenship.”

Three speakers. The speakers were moderated by Tracy Mitrano, professor and Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University. The participants were: Antonio Lopez, JCU Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies; Ibrahim Al Marashi, author, researcher and Assistant Professor at California State University; and Tijana Mamula, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications at JCU.

The topics. The speakers discussed a wide variety of topics regarding the use of networks. Professor Lopez explained how the Internet empowers environmental activists to challenge large corporations, whereas Professor Al Marashi explored the relationship between web “memes” and social movements in the Middle East. In addition, Professor Mamula showed how the critical media practice on the Internet enables people to challenge traditional narratives in mainstream media.

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