Associate Dean Pamela Harris Presents JCU Interfaith Initiative at Italian Senate

On September 15th, JCU Associate Dean Pamela Harris presented the John Cabot University Interfaith Initiative at the Conference on Interreligious Dialogue, held at the Italian Senate. The conference, which sought to promote interreligious dialogue in a fractured world, featured S.E. Prof. Abd al-Aziz Uthman Al Twaijri, the Director General of the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture, Justice Giuliano Amato of the Italian Constitutional Court and Don Cristiano Bettega, the Director of Interreligious Dialogue of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

The JCU Interfaith Initiative was included in the program as a “pearl” of good practice. Bringing together students from many different religious backgrounds, and with very different ideas, questions, doubts and aspirations, the Interfaith Initiative has organized interfaith encounters, and looks forward to the upcoming opening of the JCU Meditation Garden, hosting further interfaith events and enabling JCU students to get involved in interfaith activities in Rome and beyond.

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