JCU Student Giosuè Prezioso Speaks at the Apulia Land Art Festival

Congratulations to JCU Art History Major Giosuè Prezioso for speaking at the Apulia Land Art Festival Conference on August 29, 2014.

He presented the results of his research “The Trullo: Gestational Womb of Land Art Primordialities” (Il Trullo: Ventre Gestazionale di Primordialità Land Art), covering the fields of Art History, Art Theory, Etymology, Religious Studies, Pedagogy, and Archaeology.

The mission statement of the festival was “a point of encounter between contemporary art and territory, promoting artistic creativity in particular environments and landscapes.” Giosuè’s research developed this concept by bringing artistic value to the Trullo, the iconic Apulian architecture, considering it a primordial form of Land Art.

“Being invited to present my research was an incredible opportunity, where I interacted with professionals, scholars, and artists. Through this experience, I hope to have contributed to further discovery and valuing of the work of art that is my beloved homeland, in a reciprocal mechanism of do ut des,” said Giusuè at the end of the conference.

The curator of the conference Francesca Guerisoli, professor of Art History and Architecture at the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, complimented Giosuè on the depth and comprehensiveness of his research and on his presentation, which was composed of artistic photographs of the Trullo.

Giosuè recently returned to JCU after studying abroad at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and from a research session at the Houghton Library at Harvard University. Upon his return to JCU he won the 2014 Cicero Speech Contest.

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