Professor Clough Marinaro to Help Fulbright Scholar Iman Childs

Iman Childs

Iman Childs

JCU Professor Isabella Clough Marinaro will be working with Fulbright grant recipient Iman Childs as she conducts research on African immigration to Italy. Iman Childs is from New York City and recently graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Film.

Immigration to Italy is at the forefront in Italian government, news, and film thanks to the country’s rapidly-growing foreign-born population and the debate over citizenship. Through filmed interviews, which will be made into a documentary, Iman will research the experience and societal position of first and second generation immigrants from north and sub-Saharan Africa.

She will also research media representation of African immigrants in Italian mass media, conducting a content analysis of their depiction. Iman will be based in Rome and travel to Palermo, Brescia, and Torino to discover the effect of location on the lives of immigrants and their integration into Italian society.

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