Visiting Professor Simon Davies Quoted in Major Bloomberg Article on Google's Actions in Europe

Professor Simon Davies

Professor Simon Davies

JCU visiting Professor Simon Davies was recently quoted in a major Bloomberg article on Google’s actions in Europe.

The world’s largest search provider, Google opposes a judgement from the EU Court of Justice that told it to remove certain personal information from search results on request and plans public hearings in seven European cities, kicking off in Madrid on Sept. 9.

Professor Davies criticized the hearings as being “stage managed” as Google has required participants to submit their views in advance. “The meetings are a cross between a lobbying exercise and a brazen publicity stunt…while there are two or three open minds on the company’s advisory group that oversees the exercise, the process appears to be fundamentally skewed against privacy and in favor of publication rights,” said Davies.

Read the entire article here.

Privacy advocate and founder of Privacy International, Davies is considered one of the world experts on Internet privacy and data protection. In his 25-year career as a privacy advocate he has led campaigns and research initiatives worldwide, and is often described as the world’s most frequently quoted privacy advocate.

This Fall 2014 semester Professor Davies is teaching a course on Surveillance, Privacy and Social Identities: Practices and Representations at John Cabot University. This dual Business and Media Studies course provides an in-depth analysis of the technical, social, cultural and political contexts and the implications of increasingly ubiquitous surveillance practices.

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