"Greening Media Education:" New Book by Professor Antonio López

Greening Media Education by Professor Antonio López

Greening Media Education by Professor Antonio López

Professor Antonio López has just published his third book, Greening Media Education, about media and environmental sustainability. Published by Peter Lang, it builds on López’s previous two books, Mediacology and The Media Ecosystem by offering a cutting-edge and radical reappraisal of conventional media literacy practices.

Professor López is Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies and Coordinator of the Summer Institute in International Communications at John Cabot University.

From the Greening Media Education website:
“Media are a powerful educational force that teaches about the relationship between humans and living systems while also physiologically impacting the environment. However, although long considered a tool for promoting critical thinking and cultural citizenship, media literacy does not adequately address environmental sustainability.

Drawing on original research, Antonio López demonstrates how common media literacy practices reinforce belief systems at the root of unsustainable behaviors. By combining emerging literacies from social media, networked activism, sustainability education, critical media literacy, and digital ecopedagogy, the author offers a solutions-oriented critique and paradigm-shifting reappraisal of media education by advocating “ecomedia literacy.”

Written in accessible and jargon-free language, this book is ideal for students and educators of media literacy, media studies, and cultural studies, and will also be vital to those advocating sustainability education, environmental studies, and social justice.”

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