Professor Federigo Argentieri to Play Tito in a Mock Trial at Rome's Festival of Diplomacy

On October 26, JCU Professor Federigo Argentieri will play the late Yugoslavian communist party and state leader Josip Broz, nicknamed Tito, in a mock trial. The mock trial will be held in a traditional style during the fifth edition of Festival of Diplomacy, which begins on October 22.

During the trial, a relevant historical character of the 20th century, Tito, will be examined by judges, historians and lawyers until a final verdict, issued by the public with a secret vote, is passed. In previous editions, French president Charles De Gaulle and US president John F. Kennedy have stood on the bench of defendants while their historical role was reviewed.

This year’s trial begins Sunday, October 26 at 10:30 am at theTeatro dei Dioscuri, on via Piacenza 1. Professor Argentieri, a renowned scholar of Eastern European affairs, will play the role of Tito (1892-1980). The state attorney will be performed by journalist and historian Paolo Mieli, former editor of Corriere della Sera, Paolo Cirino Pomicino, a former member of Italian Parliament and minister in several executives, is entrusted with defense, and current MP Stefano Dambruoso will be the presiding judge.

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