Professor Pamela Harris Speaks at a Conference on Second Vatican Council and Democracy in Catholic Countries

On October 15th, Professor Pamela Harris spoke at a conference about Pope Paul VI, the Second Vatican Council and the Third Wave of Democratization. Organized by Stefano Ceccani of La Sapienza, the conference brought together political scientists, jurists, historians, theologians, sociologists and journalists to discuss the role of the Second Vatican Council in promoting democracy in Catholic countries.

Professor Gianfranco Pasquino of Johns Hopkins, Bologna, opened the conference with a reflection on Samuel Huntington’s work on the third wave of democratization. Professor Harris discussed the role of American theologian John Courtney Murray in bringing an American understanding of religious liberty to Vatican II’s deliberation on a Declaration of Religious Liberty.

Carlos Garcia de Andoin looked at Paul VI’s promotion of democracy in Spain through his influence over the Spanish episcopate. Umberto Gentilone explored the relationship between Paul VI and the Italian Christian Democrats, and Luigi Accattoli considered Paul VI’s influence on the current Pope, Francesco.

To listen to the conference, transmitted by Italian radio station Radio Radicale, click here.

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