Prof. Stefano Arnone Presents Paper at Scientix Conference in Brussels

Professor of Mathematics Stefano Arnone‘s paper was presented at the Scientix Conference in Brussels, held from October 24 – 26. The Scientix Conference is one of the largest events in science, technology, engineering and maths education (STEM) in Europe.

The goal of the conference was to showcase various European initiatives in STEM education, present the different tools, resources and methodologies in STEM education, and allow participants to share and exchange research experiences in the area of science educations.

The presentation, made by co-author Matteo Siccardi, was based on “A Modern Galileo Tale,” a paper written in collaboration with Professor Arnone and F. Moauro. The paper discusses an open-source applet, GeoGrebra, that makes up for the lack of a fully-fledged physics lab and can be used as an accompanying activity in an online physics course. The applet allows for an empirical test of three of the most relevant theorems of Galileo’s Discourses. With three different experimental setups, students can see a ball roll down a slope, take measures and perform data analysis, following Galileo’s footsteps.

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