JCU Student Kelson Adams To Launch His Own Company HowtoBee

Kelson Adams

Kelson Adams

Kelson Adams is currently a student at John Cabot University, majoring in both International Affairs and International Business.

His company is called HowtoBee and is designed to be an authority site in the niche market of residential beekeeping for beginners, delivered in a user-friendly style. This project is affiliated with Amazon.com, Clickbank.com, and Ebay.com. But the business concept behind this company is even greater: the creation of a holding company with multiple authority websites, as howtobee.net, and software programs.

What is the business concept behind your company?
My goal is to find what people want and what people are looking for, and give it to them. With this idea in mind I wanted to create a business that was sustainable and would have multiple selling points, just like Alibaba and Buy-do. The idea for the holding company on multiple specialized websites and software programs came from the widespread habit of looking for information on the internet. But I noticed that even if our past generations have put an incredible amount of information on the internet, the sites are often cluttered and the actual information is very hard to get. So my beta project, Howtobee, is aimed at delivering high-quality information, in a user-friendly style.

What are the problems you are encountering?
Finding very good writers, both in content and technique. Especially when the articles are so specific, it is difficult to have them written in a user-friendly style. Another problem is finding web developers, but I learned how to use CSS and HTML during the summer so I’ve been following that aspect as well.

Also, these authority websites, other than having a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account, typically have a Youtube account. This requires videos with good quality and marketers, but this aspect will depend on the profit of the website.

What are the positive aspects of owning a company?
One of my favorite things is working with people. I feel and want to make my collaborators feels that it is not just my contribution, but everyone’s contribution. I firmly believe in creating a motivating environment in which the role each collaborator has in the company is recognized.

Did the experience at John Cabot help you in some way?
Yes, it did. I studied at Bocconi for a semester, but the courses were so strict, and my schedule so full, that I didn’t have any time at all to think about my plans. Here at JCU I had the chance and time to pursue what I wanted to do: start my own business. It’s also been very useful to meet a network of people who are interested in being free-lance writers.

Does Howtobee also have a “green” intent?
It doesn’t have one as a mission statement, but I am a vegetarian and pro-animal rights. So there is an influence in my choices. That’s why I edited many articles that will be displayed on my website to show users that there are alternatives to techniques that are harmful to other animals. For example, ants are one of the most harmful animals to bees, and current beehive farming techniques (which are widespread also in the U.S.) kill ants. What users will know after reading is that there are alternatives that simply keep them away. Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group has had an influence both on my business concept and on my business choices. As a matter of fact, he also is an animal rights activist.

What are your future plans?
This summer I got my first drone. As I was flying it at night with my friends and family all around, the four lights on the drone began to fade into the stars as it flew higher and higher. I imagined how it would be if space exploration was available to the public, through the use of drones. That’s my dream, to work in the field of aerospace and space exploration.

What advice would you give to young graduates interested in international business experiences?
One of the most difficult parts of getting involved in business is thinking of starting, or even to talk about it. I assume that many business students here have innovative business plans and ideas, and are nervous about sharing and talking about their business ideas. I would strongly encourage them to do that and pursue their business dreams. I would encourage a more collectivist mentality towards business, and maybe the Business Club starting their own business could help students greatly. Another advice I can give is to fail. People learn so much from failing. When many companies look for their CEOs and Chairs, they look for well-rounded people whose knowledge is an inch-deep and a mile wide. They look for people who have learned invaluable lessons from their experiences in multiple fields and failed multiple times. If anyone needs any advice, experiences, or good examples on how to fail, I am here.

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