Letter of Intent Signed Between FAO's Office for Corporate Communications and John Cabot University

December 11, 2014 – FAO headquarters, Angola Centre, Rome. A Letter of Intent was signed between FAO’s Mario Lubetkin (Director of Office for Corporate Communications), and JCU’s Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Merva.

The aim of the cooperation between FAO and John Cabot University is to implement educational programs that raise understanding and awareness among students. Critical issues related to resolving global food security and nutrition challenges are part of FAO’s framework of “Communicating to Inspire Change.”

Dean Merva said that this recognition was the result of the efforts of many in the JCU community who are concerned with world hunger. From students who opened a chapter of “Universities Fighting World Hunger” at JCU years ago, to the students of the Business Club who support the annual Oxfam Hunger Banquet. The many initiatives of faculty, such as Professors Alessandro Signorini and Margaret Kneller whose work brings the issue of food security to the forefront, should also be acknowledged.

John Cabot University strives to further awareness of this important global issue. JCU is also planning an educational program this summer 2015 as part of “Communicating to Inspire Change.”